UPGRADES   $25

                                                       (PLUS 15 MINUTES* ADDED TO YOUR TREATMENT!!)  

Cocoa Butter Massage ($15)

Upgrade to the wonderful benefits of Organic cocoa butter for your next massage!   High in Antioxidants and fatty acids to hydrate and soothe even the most sensitive skin.  We also add Organic coconut & Shea butters to enhance this upgrade.

Hot Stone Therapy*

Smooth heated Alaskan stones are used in conjunction with your massage or wrap.  The warm stones will create penetrating heat and comforting pressure.  This therapy brings relief to tense muscles, sore joints and stressed minds.

Foot Massage*

Warm aromatic towels that cleanse and re-energize are used to prepare the feet for a hydrating and rejuvenating treatment   A rich blend of natural plant oils are applied to feet and wrapped with warm towels.  A relaxing foot massage using warm Alaskan stones finishes this wonderful upgrade.

Hot Scalp Massage*

A soothing and restorative hair treatment using warm aromatherapy oils that are massaged into the hair and scalp.  Warm towels engulf your hair to help repair and deeply condition.

Lip Hydration ($15)

Pure sugar cane crystals are used to remove dead skin cells.  A vitamin enriched algae lip mask is applied to plump up and hydrate lips.  A rich moisturizing balm leaves your lips soft and supple.

Nourishing Hand Therapy*

After a dry exfoliation, a plant based blend of palm, jojoba,  coconut oils, plus Shea butter & vitamin E,  moisturizes and leaves the skin soft and supple.  To enhance this treatment the client can choose an essential oil to be added to the oils.

Warm mittens are then applied to penetrate the hydrating properties of the oils  This treatment finishes with a relaxing massage of the hands and fingers.