Spa Packages

AURORA MASSAGE PACKAGE      $215  (2 Hours)    Save $10

Begin with our popular Sea Salt Scrub which will soften and brighten your skin.  You will unwind next with a 90 minute full body Hot Stone massage using custom-blended oils.  Ending this fabulous treatment is a warm relaxing body wrap.

PILOTS WIDOW PACKAGE      $145  (1.25 Hours)   Save $5

Our head to toe treatment include the popular Indian Head Massage plus our Foot and Cocoa Butter upgrades.  Incorporated with an extra 30 minutes of body massage, this package will guarantee a renewed spirit and total relaxation!!

LUXURY DAY SPA PACKAGE  $299  (3 Hours)   Save $20

This deluxe package starts with our Sea Salt Scrub that will soften and smooth your skin.  Following the scrub is our signature 90 min. Ravens Nest Massage.  Finishing the package is the 60 min Bering Sea Facial and Lip Therapy upgrade that will leave your entire body rejuvenated and relaxed.

FISHERMAN’S WIDOW PACKAGE  $250  (2.5 Hours)   Save $15

After a dry exfoliation, your therapist will brush warm, hydrating blue algae Seaweed over your entire body. Following, you will be wrapped in heat retentive blankets while receiving a scalp and face massage. After showering, a full body 60 min Massage is performed.  This wonderful treatment ends with an Express Facial leaving your skin glowing and refreshed.